5 ways a dog has improved my life in a month

One month (+ 1 week) ago, we welcomed a little ball of fluff into our lives: an eight-week old cockapoo who we named Alfie.

Although I always grew up with a family dog, I never had a pet that I could call my own. One to take real responsibility over. I knew it would be work, but that it would be worth it. And BOY was I right, ten-fold.

Within the span of a month, here are the top five improvements this little puppy has made to my life:

  1. Gets me up in the morning! I have a teenager's tendency to sleep-in, and I hate that about myself. I want to be someone who gets up early and seizes the day from the crack of dawn. But an alarm is too easy to snooze. A puppy is what I needed all along to break this habit! Luckily, our little guy can sleep a solid 8-9 hours uninterrupted, but won't sleep a minute past 7am. Up & at 'em!

  2. Gets me fresh air in my lungs & more steps on my Fitbit. With the lockdown, I have been fully working from home for almost a year. Which has its perks and downfalls... one of them being I have gone more days this year than I'd like to admit without stepping foot outside. Alfie gets me outside many times a day, getting my eyes away from screens, sunshine on my face and exercise when I wouldn't have otherwise gotten any.

  3. Better Sleeps! Because of items #1 and #2, I am sleeping better. Fitbit sleep score is almost over 80 every night, even if I don't manage the full 8 hours.

  4. Meeting my neighbours! Okay, this one is huge. I guess I took knowing all my neighbours for granted growing up because I soon learned that in the city, knowing your neighbours isn't a given. We have met more of our neighbours in this past month than the entire 8 months we've been here. Not to mention how easy conversation is when you meet people via your doggos. Ice-breaker 101.

  5. Teaches Selflessness. Other than plants, the only being I've had to look after with it's life depending on me for is myself! Although this was the most daunting thought about getting a dog, it feels so good to have responsibility of looking after needs other than my own. Maybe it's the maternal instincts, or maybe it's something to distract me from the pandemic shit show. Regardless, I feel like I'm becoming a more patient and selfless person. Also WOW, watching your puppy learn little-by-little day-by-day is so under-rated. It is so rewarding to watch him slowly get it.

BONUS - I asked Graham if I was missing anything on my list. He says "a constant source of joy and happiness in the house". YES.

Do you have a pet in your life? If so, how have they improved your day-to-day? Let me know in the comments!

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